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Friday, 22. February 2013

Free riot point 2012 Truth or Scam

By tulabo, 04:17

Want to get free Riot Point codes?

Want to get the most recent new winner bundle or unlock skins? Do not have a credit card? Find out how it is possible to bring in your points without spending a dime -- this technique is 100% real, 100% working.
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Exactly What Do I Get With My Points?

$10 League of Legends Game Card

$10.00 Riot Points Card Redeemable On line at the League of Legends In-Game Store.

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Yes! See the screenshots below. Money in to your points to claim game card codes...

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Just how to get involved?
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Why and exactly how we are giving away free Riot Codes?
Simply the system behind this works this way: We firstly purchase the codes from cheap sources (raffle,gamepoints dozens of web sites...) - So a balance is done - your presence here is giving the income through ads and similiar. Through this balance we do not move out of codes, for as long you guys see us!

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